Jennifer Love


About Jennifer Love


Find Your Soul Mate

Jennifer is trained as an Angel Intuitive, Certified Angel Practitioner 

and is a Certified Angel Guide. 

She will work with your guardian angels on your behalf to help you find your soul mate. Everyone has angels by their side, let Jennifer tap into this divine guidance and show you the way to your own happiness! 


Certified Assertiveness Coach

Jennifer is a Certified Assertiveness Coach and can help you reach your goals, not only in romance but for your ultimate life purpose. Through one on one coaching sessions, you will learn to develop assertiveness, discover your authentic voice, and heal toxic relationships. This coaching can be customized to meet your individual needs. Move past your fear, step into your truth, and set healthy boundaries with assertiveness coaching. 


Education and Background

Jennifer has a background as a health care consultant and holds a Masters degree in Public Health from UCLA. She holds many other metaphysical certifications. She is clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, and also practices mediumship. 

Additional Certifications


Angel Intuitive, Psychic Medium, Reiki Practitioner

Jennifer has trained with some of the leading angel experts in the world. She has also studied mediumship and Reiki energy healing. 


Certified Angel Tarot Reader

Jennifer has studied with Radleigh Valentine, world renown tarot expert and best selling Hay House author.


Certified Angel Card Mastery

Jennifer has trained extensively with Kyle Gray, international angel expert and best selling Hay House author. 

Relationship Coach

Online Dating

Jennifer can help you navigate the often very complicated world of online dating. Today, apps move the pace of relationships faster than ever - and you need guidance to give you that edge against the wave of other profiles in the sea of the dating pool! Other dating coaches have been married for 20+ years...can they really advise you about dating apps when they have NEVER even been on one?! Jennifer brings personal experience and hard-earned first hand knowledge of 8 separate sites/apps. In the first four weeks of being on Tinder, her profile got over 4,000 likes. In her first year of Tinder, her profile earned over 15,000 likes. Do you want that kind of success? 

Jennifer happily met the love of her life on Tinder, and is currently in a committed relationship with him. She can coach you to the romance of your dreams too!

Profile – From tiny tweaks to creating and writing your entire online dating profile, let Jennifer show you how to write a winning statement that showcases your unique qualities and not the same old boring stuff that EVERYONE else writes! 

Photos – You have about 10 seconds to make an impression before he swipes left. What are your photos saying about YOU? Let Jennifer show you the tips and and techniques that pull men in, market your best qualities, and have him swiping right and dying to meet that beautiful woman in the photo!

Communication – Ok, we're matched. Now what do I say to him?! From that first message to exact wording to get him to text you back, Jennifer knows all the right things to say to get him to move forward. Common scenarios: How to get him to call instead of text, how to move towards a date, how to stop endless texting or messaging on a site and move it into the real world. 

Dating – From the first date "red flags" to second dates and beyond, Jennifer can consult with you one on one in every situation, personalized to your unique needs. No question is out of bounds, from when to have sex to how to get the relationship of your dreams, Jennifer has been there and done that!