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Two energies, one soul

Twin Flames - the Journey

Twin flames are one soul in two physical bodies. At birth, half of your soul split and incarnated separately in order to work on different challenges and goals. Upon meeting your twin, an immediate and intense connection develops, because you recognize each other on a soul level. 


The Journey of a Lifetime

If we are perfect for each other, why did we separate?

You have probably found this topic by searching for answers on twin flames. The intensity of the twin flame relationship is characterized by a combination of deep love and gut-wrenching pain. The severity and endless heartache sends both men and women searching for answers to cure their loss and grief. 

While we all have multiple soulmate relationships that have come and go from our lives, the twin flame relationship is unique. To quote Radleigh Valentine, "A soulmate will push your buttons. A Twin Flame will push your button with their finger and hold it there." Constant triggering? Sign me up!

You have actually known each other many lifetimes, and each time you come to the Earth you learn new lessons. You may experience a knowing that while you have learned and grown from other soulmate relationships in your life, you can't seem to "get over" or move on from your twin flame. 

For example, you may have fallen in love again after the breakup of a ten year marriage or similar long term relationship, but even a brief relationship with a twin flame does not seem to get closure or feel over. You might have a strong sense of "the one that got away" or feeling like you will always come back to this person in the end. At times, you wonder if you might be crazy because no one else around you understands why you cannot move on from your twin. 

Working with a coach or getting a twin flame reading from a psychic can provide guidance and support. You can finally get some clarity and learn how to progress on your journey. 

A Twin Flame Reading can:

  • Give you insight on a soulmate vs. twin flame connection

  • Help you acknowledge the shadows your mirror has been showing you

  • How to heal your fears with love

  • Resolve old wounds that have kept you from loving yourself completely

  • Progress on your journey to self acceptance by providing individualized guidance 

There is a lot of disagreement among the twin flame collective about how to heal yourself and/or your twin as well as how to come into union with your twin and avoid separation. You can read articles from "experts" and join Facebook groups but you won't get help with your unique situation until you find a specialized coach or get an intuitive reading.  

Although you have been with your twin multiple lifetimes, the time on Earth NOW is very short. Don't struggle alone, schedule a reading today and get started on your path to healing. 

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